Ongoing Opinion Survey


Mental health is a broad area, ranging from the ups and downs we all experience, to common problems such as anxiety and depression, and less common but severe diseases such as autism, schizophrenia, and dementia. The Foundation’s program of research is intended to help all of us learn how to lead healthier, more productive, and happier lives, for ourselves, our families, and friends.

We want to know your opinions about the Foundation and what specific mental health topics you think are most important. For this purpose, we have created a short web survey.

It will take you a minute or two to open your personal account in the Portal, but once you do, it will be easy to use. Please join us in our quest to scientifically develop this knowledge. Click the button below to go to the Foundation Portal now, open your account, and take the opinion survey (five questions).

Study Results

Topic Importance

Here are the ranked topics that people said were the most important for study and advancement.

1 - Physical Health
2 - Mental Heath
3 - Stress
4 - Depression
5 - Anxiety
6 - Medical Problems
7 - Behavioral Problems
7 - Substance Abuse or Misuse
9 - Pain
10 - Sexual Abuse
11 - Bullying
12 - Suicidality
13 - Exposure to Violence
14 - Sexual Identity
14 - Self Harm
16 - Self Esteem
17 - Financial Budgeting