Baseline and Longitudinal Study


Exercise, diet, relationships, health care, and multiple other factors are associated with variation in behavioral and mental health, but comprehensive scientific understanding is lacking. For example, little is known about what patterns and doses of exercise are most beneficial to anxiety disorders.

This project has three main aims: 1) to establish the Foundation's web-based health science platform and research portal for a participant-centered program of collaborative research on exercise and mental health; 2) to examine multi-variate cross-sectional and longitudinal patterns in self-report data on depression, anxiety, stress, eating, substance use, social relationships, health care, and in a subsample, body composition and physical activity accelerometer data; and 3) to communicate results to participants and the general public.

Initially planned for 12-months, this is a prospective study with three stages: 1) baseline web self-report; 2) in a Baltimore region subsample, physicial measures including one week of physical activity data collection; and 3) monthly web follow-up self-report.

Anyone anywhere in the world 18 and older can join this study. There is no payment for participation. All participants will have their own account in the Foundation Portal, and will always have access to their own individual data. For all participants who complete the Baseline Questionnaire, the Portal will automatically send email request to complete a follow-up Monthly Questionnaire, which will be a shortened version of the Baseline Questionnaire. The Monthly Questionnaire will repeat over the 12-month study period.

If you are interested, please follow instructions below to create your on-line account in the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation Portal. It will take you a minute or two to open your personal account in the Portal, and once you do, it will be easy to use.

Once that account is completed, the Portal will show you information about this study, its procedures, and possible risks in an on-line informed consent form. Research staff will be available by email and phone if you have questions. Once you document your consent in the on-line form, proceed to the Baseline Questionnaire, which typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once the Baseline Questionnaire is completed, a subset of interested participants in the Baltimore region will be offered the opportunity to participate in the body composition and accelerometer data collection, through the Towson University Department of Kinesiology Wellness Center. If you indicate you are interested and are invited to participate in this part, your height, weight, and body composition will be measured at the Towson Wellness Center, and you will be fitted with a wrist accelerometer to wear continuously for seven days.