Allen Tien, MD MHS


Allen's strategic approach to contribute to health and care is to enhance and expand the development and application of health science informatics through integrated services and software solutions, in parallel with ongoing innovation partnerships and collaborations. At, Allen leads their science and technology approach as highly user-centered in order to deliver a high level of utility, usability, and value.

An innovator and Board Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Tien's experience and knowledge spans biostatistics, psychiatric epidemiology, clinical research, developmental neuroscience, public mental health research, computer science, and software engineering. He worked for a decade at Johns Hopkins as a researcher in public mental health epidemiology, prevention, and services, and clinical neuroscience. He then founded Medical Decision Logic, Inc. (“mdlogix”) with long-term visionary involvement in software purpose, architecture development, interface design, evaluation, and evolution, and is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Johns Hopkins Division of Health Science Informatics. His approach to contribute to health and care is to enhance and expand the development and application of health science informatics and information technologies in order to accelerate clinical science. A leading result is the mdlogix Clinical Research Management System (CRMS), the enterprise platform for Johns Hopkins School of Medicine clinical research, supporting thousands of active studies in all fields of medicine and health.

Specialties: Process improvement, clinical and public health research optimization, quality improvement, care coordination, medicine, psychiatry, public mental health, prevention, epidemiology, services, disease management, biostatistics, psychometrics, social network science, health informatics, software architectures, software engineering methods, usability and utility, computational logic applications (knowledge representation, temporal logic, adaptive workflow), innovation, grants synthesis, conceptual architectures.

Services and Products: CRMS (Clinical Research Management System); BH-Works (Behavioral Health screening and tracking in ED, primary care, and school settings); webHSOPS (multi-facility Patient Safety culture data collection and benchmarking); Tell Us (data-based communication from families to providers); SCDwebCMR (Sickle Cell Disease web Case Management Registry to address the problem pattern with acute care of vaso-occlusive crisis); SocioWorks (project management, form authoring, data collection, analysis, and visualization for applications of Network Science); and Relational Network Optimization (RNO for accelerated cycles of organizational process improvement).