Why We Started the Foundation

John W. Brick's Story

Victor and John Brick were always close. As the younger brother, Victor has many early memories of his big brother John sticking up for him and teaching him as he grew up. When John was diagnosed with schizophrenia, it became Victor’s turn to support and take care of him, because that’s what brothers do.

The family came together to help John through his daily struggles, but throughout all of John’s illness, at some of the best hospitals and institutions in the world, never once was exercise, diet or a healthy lifestyle included in his treatment plan. As physical health enthusiasts themselves, Victor and his wife Lynne believe that changes to John’s physical health could have greatly improved his mental health.

Since John passed, Victor, Lynne and their friends and family have come together to start the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation in John’s memory, with the goal of discovering how exercise, diet, relationships and health care fit together to benefit mental health of people all across the world and enable happier healthy lives.

Foundation Leadership

Victor Brick


Victor Brick’s position in the physical health field is unmatched. He is the co-founder of the “Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc.”, CEO of Planet Fitness Growth Partners, and has been named in Smart CEO’s “Future 50” five times. His businesses have become fitness staples across the East Coast, helping countless people reach their exercise goals.

Victor is also the younger brother to John W. Brick, a diagnosed schizophrenic that has since passed. Along with his wife and business partner Lynne Brick, Victor brings his connections, experience and passion for physical and lifestyle health to advance the Foundation’s mission.

Allen Tien


Allen Tien's strategic approach to contribute to health and care is to enhance and expand the development and application of health science informatics through integrated services and software solutions, in parallel with ongoing innovation partnerships and collaborations. At mdlogix.com, Allen leads their science and technology approach as highly user-centered in order to deliver a high level of utility, usability, and value.

An innovator and Board Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Tien's experience and knowledge spans biostatistics, psychiatric epidemiology, clinical research, developmental neuroscience, public mental health research, computer science, and software engineering. He worked for a decade at Johns Hopkins as a researcher in public mental health epidemiology, prevention, and services, and clinical neuroscience. He then founded Medical Decision Logic, Inc. (“mdlogix”) with long-term visionary involvement in software purpose, architecture development, interface design, evaluation, and evolution, and is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Johns Hopkins Division of Health Science Informatics.

Tom Amatucci

Director of Race Development

Tom Amatucci is the Director of Race Development for the John W. Brick Foundation. For any communication pertaining to our race events, please contact Tom at 443-928-8007.